Perl Squad, Danebank Anglican School for Girls Hurstville & St Patrick's Primary School Kogarah

Giving Goodness is an online charity application where people donate items they don’t require using a easy to use form. When you do submit a donation, the app will prompt you with a reminder email. Giving Goodness will partner with local charities, shelters and social workers who will use our app to see a list of donations ready for pick up. We want to help support the most vulnerable people within our community. The purpose of giving goodness is to reduce the time spent donating to various charities, whilst improving the lives of others who need our assistance to live. 

STEAMA6, Emanuel School

STEAMA 6 is an app created to empower girls and inspire them to get involved in STEM areas. This app is aimed at primary school students but especially girls. It encourages girls to see themselves as STEM superheroes through relatable female role models. Our app involves learning areas in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics and Astronomy. The low amount of women is STEM fields is constantly in the media. In our primary school alone, we know that more boys inspire to work in STEM than girls. Our app provides lesson plans, information about us, courses, games quizzes and much more. 

E.M.I team, Northbridge Public School & Saint Andrews Cathedral School

Top Dog is an app aimed at new and old dog owners, it contains general information like the average food and exercise intake according to size. It contains in-app purchases from a crafty website called Redbubble which contains merchandise. Also with a quiz that identifies whether you are ready for a dog with information to get you started. We also include a map that allows you to find nearby dog-friendly locations, you can also talk to our friendly chatbot, Top Dog, which informs you how to report abuse. So whether you are new or old, Top Dog is for you. 

Superstar coders, Santa Sabina College

Share2Care is a mobile app that connects businesses and individuals to charities. Share2Care aims to reduce the number of food going to landfill, using this app. Consequently, charities can collect surplus products for distribution amongst the less fortunate community. When logged in, businesses, supermarkets and individuals are able to submit a post with their name, product, quantity, contact, and location. This data is then published on the map and search page, which charities can view and collect the items to give to the needy. Share2Care is a unique application focusing on donating discarded food (in good condition) to the poor. 

RWorld, St Mary's Catholic Primary School

WHY ISN’T ANYONE RECYCLING?!? This is a question that comes up a lot but most people don’t know the answer to this. Well, we know. Many people are not bothered, or maybe it’s because recycling is too much of a trouble to do! If you install our free app then recycling will become much easier to do. But what else is involved in recycling? REUSING! Which is also why we have made reshare - a program within the app to make reusing (or sharing) easier too. So help save our world by using Rworld!



Super techies, Shelford Girls Grammar school

The My Active Buddies app will help motivate kids to enjoy active, healthy play in amazing local parks. The app is currently designed to connect 8-12 year old kids in the Glen Eira area with their community in a way that’s friendly - and fun!. The app promotes a park meet-up on the 1st Saturday of each month and shows how many kids plan to come, with a handy link to the City of Glen Eira website for the location of each park. The event details can also be easily shared with friends.

Super tech girls, Shelford Girls Grammar

Over the past few years, we have noticed harmful effects of environment have been increasing rapidly. We all believe it is important to educate younger children about the threats to the environment and what they can do to make a difference. "TreeHouse" is an app designed to educate lower primary school students about the harmful effects of rubbish and pollution towards environment. The app starts with login screen. Once login, it will go to main screen which has three section - Sky, Sea and Land and and also has a Recycle and Waste. Each section in tun has educational video, a game and help section for the students to learn. The main screen also has section for Help, Settings, Feedback, About Us and Treehouse videos and games. All the app sections are kids friendly and focus on educating users on all aspects of environment and how to save them. App inventor is used for coding the app, scratch for developing games, and Vimeo for developing app videos and iMovies for developing demo video and pitch videos. Tiny Db for storing user databases.


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Tech Girls Black Forest, Black Forest Primary School

Our app provides organization. It is an organising app like a calendar but with reminders and time schedules. It also includes stress-free tips and advice. The app doesn’t have a tick it off yourself system but gives reminders of when it should be done. This app is created for teenagers/teens starting high school. It will provide a safe environment for teens to put work, commitments or any other tasks they have to do on individual calendars. Our app is unique because it has reminders/alerts for when they should be working or doing something and when it’s due. 

FLOW, St Peters Girls School

Our app’s mission is to improve the lives of kids with a disability, mental or learning difficulties through social connection and inclusion by providing a unique crowdsourced information resource. The idea of the app is to provide a way for kids to connect with each other and provide support through an anonymous moderated “posting system”, which allows them to ask and answer questions about the unique problems they face everyday. We will seek sponsorship from government and community to fund the development, monitoring and marketing of the app as well as providing opportunities to access professional care where required.

Animal Awareness, All Saints College

Our app is about raising awareness about endangered animal species. It is one of the few apps that teaches kids how to save endangered animals. This app is for kids who want animal species to survive and not become extinct. This app persuades kids to help animals keep their habitats. This app is made for children who don’t have education about endangered animals. This app helps everyone learn about the helpless, non-heard of animals from around WA. Every time your child completes a level, he\she will collect a daily prize. To make sure we save the animals, halt biodiversity loss!!!! 

Super4, All Saints College

Our app provides Western Australian people with free education about recycling. It can help people to understand that if you do one thing it can lead to another helpful thing for our whole planet. It's a family game and you can play against family members and check your points to see if you are a good recycler. The player earns points to encourage them to recycle or re-use in real life then it becomes a habit. It also encourages them to have a worm farm, keep chickens, find a recycling place, and use a re-usable coffee cup. 


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Medireward, Goodna State School

Medireward is an app to help children remember to take their medicine. For children who do not like to take medicine, the app gives them tokens so they are motivated to take it. The idea is to support parents in remembering to give the medicine to their child and to reduce the amount of tantrums when giving medicine by allowing them to reward their child 

Captain Totoro, West End State School

The main purpose of our app is to give our busy road users the vital information they need if they hit an animal while driving. It also has a feature for users to exactly pinpoint the location of the injured or killed animals using GPS coordinates. These GPS coordinates can be used by animal rescue organisations like RSPCA and WIRES. Our app is not only for helping animals but it also has a ‘Kids Mode’ which is designed to educate young people around the native animals of Australia. This mode is has amazing information and it does not require wi-fi. 

Healthy Heroes, Citipointe Christian College

Looking for ways to be healthier? Yes2HealthyLife does it all! It helps teenagers and adults live a healthier life.We know that your life is busy and you don’t always prioritise exercise ,healthy eating and sleeping but our app will help you make smart decisions. The daily goal tab is based on exercise and gives you activities to complete over a period of time. Most adults and teenagers have phones now and people try and search up different ways to look after your body but Yes2HealthyLife gives multiple options to exercise, sleep and eat. Yes2HealthyLife is a great option for you. 

Sporty 6, Mansfield State School 

The problems we are solving are related to Education and Health. Our app helps kids to actively travel to school and learn how to travel to school safety and independently. The app combines fitness, games and education towards walking to school safely. The app has a survey for school/ teachers to record how students travel to school eg. Walking, cycling, scooting, carpooling and public transport. Then if you actively travel you can unlock games and prizes you receive at school. You can enter your data daily to help you chances of progressing through levels of you game. 

CSS Team 3, Craigslea State School

Our app connects people who needs translators in their everyday lives with volunteer translators to help them communicate. People who need translators and volunteer translators both go onto the app and create a profile. Then the people who need translators can search for a translator for the right day and language to help them out. We think that this app will help new migrants and refugees who have come to Australia and are learning conversational English. Our app provides a difference from other app because it is connecting people together, and creating a community for people who need it. People who are moving to a new country don't just need help with a new language, they need help with everything. 

Typing Troops, Goodna State School

It is an app to calm people down. If you are having anger issues you can go on to the app and you could take your mind off your anger. You can do this by yoga, meditation, breathing in and out, listening to relaxing music, and taking your frustration out on the punching bag. So after you have done all the things in the app to calm you down and you’re not angry you will be happy again. 

P-Cubed, Good News Lutheran School

P-Cubed’s free multi-platform app, Plastic Pollution Preventers, will help young Queenslanders consider how much plastic they use in their daily lives and its environmental impacts. The app allows users to record the quantity of plastic used and make better choices when purchasing products and choosing recyclable and reusable plastic bags. By doing this we hope to reduce the 8 million tonnes of plastic that flows into the world’s waterways, oceans and landfill each year. Our app is unique for two reasons; it allows users to track their plastic use, and it has been designed specifically with young Queenslanders in mind. 

My Pet Pal, Good News Lutheran School

Did you know that in the past year there were over 70,000 cases of animal abuse reported in Australia? The RSPCA is the Australian not-for-profit organisation that works to protect animals from cruelty; each year they rescue over 100,000 animals! Many cases of animal cruelty are due to animals being improperly cared for and examples include neglect and starvation. Our app, “My Pet Pal” aims to reduce this problem by educating the next generation of pet owners. “My Pet Pal” provides interactive information, games and quizzes that educate primary-school aged children about the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Fur Aides, West End State School

Want to save native animals while creating cute avatars? This app is what you need. Fur Aides is an awesome way to help wildlife: • Volunteer for animal carers • Browse galleries and add your photos • Sponsor your favourite animals and their supporters • Play quizzes and test your knowledge You’ll earn Paw Points to buy furry avatars. Meet other Fur Aides on our Blog and Instagram, or make your avatars into emoji and screensavers. Earn more Paw Points to buy crazy accessories! Enhancing your avatar is fun, and every point you earn helps to save the environment for our native creatures. 

Reef Rangers,  St John the Baptist Primary school, Gladstone

“Rubbish off the Reef” is an educational app that helps children between the ages of 7-11 decide which bin to place their lunch rubbish into. Our school currently does not recycle lunch rubbish because children were not correctly putting rubbish in the correct bins - general and recyclable. This meant that all the recyclable rubbish was contaminated and couldn’t be recycled. We hope with education, through the use of our app, we can have recycling bins put back into our lunch areas, reducing landfill and preventing litter ending up in our waterways. Children will play a sorting game to help them learn which bin to put common rubbish from their lunch boxes in. Their goal is to make the emoji smile. If they are incorrect with their bin choice the emoji frowns and they have another go. Rubbish off the Reef also includes links to websites that provide more information.