Australian state winners - Secondary 

Victorian Secondary State Winners

C.A.R.E, Kilvington Grammar School - The service this app provides is connectivity for teen agers dealing with issues bigger than themselves. This device acts as a channel towards other revenues for teenagers who need help with problems they may not feel comfortable with telling their parents. This app will direct teenagers to various helplines including shelters, advice on bullying or anxiety. There are many government funded organizations for helping people however they are generally only operating from 9am-5pm. However, teenagers tend to need help outside of these hours. Our app will help connect teenagers to help sources 24/7 enabling them to feel always feel safe and secure. 

South Australian Secondary State Winners

SHEroes, St Peters Girls School - HerStory aims to educate and empower minorities, as well as magnifying the voices of minority groups across not just Australia but the world. The application has various features, including articles about equality, quizzes and other dynamic content. Through the utilisation of these features, the app is accessible to many different people, making the app ideal for a wide range of people who learn through the use of different techniques, creating a larger market. The speech-to-audio element of our app fundamentally shows what it is all about – available and accessible to everyone, giving any user the equal opportunity to enjoy HerStory.

Western Australian Secondary State Winners

Community Connector, Penrhos College - We are a start-up called Community Connector. Our aim is simple; we want to make finding community service easier for high school students (between the years 7 to 12). The process of using our product requires schools to pay for a subscription per student and parent login. The students and parents will be able to download an app onto their smart device. Students are able to view and apply for three different types of opportunities that include community service, company held career conferences and organization run competitions.

New South Wales joint Secondary STATE Winners

  • Little Butterflies, CC Home School – Talk to the Hand - My Bucket’s Full, is an app for people with sensory processing disorder. Designed to help people organize themselves, feel calm and relaxed, ready to face the world. The app includes choices between • Sensory Wake Up; activities that assist you to alert your senses and get you in the optimal zone for the day • Sensory Pit Stop; activities that assist you refocus and refuel yourself to stay on task • My Bucket; allows you to choose what sense you want to focus on and will give you activities to help desensitize it if your bucket is feeling overloaded (high), or activate your senses if your bucket is empty (low).

  • Sunshine Girls, St John's College Woodlawn - The app, Rayse, is based on the ideas of community, charity and sustainability. The 2017 Lismore Floods prompted community generosity and support. However, there was not a common platform for this. Rayse would meet this need. Initially, Rayse focuses on garage sales. Not only will people be decluttering/reusing, they will also be supporting others. Rayse allows people to access dates/locations/information on garage sales and/or advertise their sales. Sellers would nominate a local participating charity to which they would donate a percentage of their takings. In the future, Rayse would be used for many different forms of fundraising within the community.

New South Wales Secondary State Regional Winner

Goal Diggers, Armidale High School Resettlement in Armidale (R.I.A), is a supportive service for refugees and migrants arriving in Armidale. With built in features including language translation and location, our app provides vital information for new residents arriving in Armidale. Our aim is to build partnerships with companies to create mutual benefits for both the user and the business. Our app will advertise businesses as suggestions for refugees seeking help in navigating our town.

Queensland Joint Secondary STATE Winners 

  • Domestic Angels, Gladstone State High and Boyne Island State High School - The Domestic Angels app was made to allow victims of domestic and family violence (DFV) to contact Police without being detected by their abuser. This app has been disguised as a cleaning app to avoid detection by the abuser and to stop inadvertent use or abuse of the app. The app allows the victim to contact Police using three quiet, simple and fast steps while keeping the abuser completely oblivious to what the victim is doing and thus keeping the victim safe.

  • Blue Buddy, St. Aidans Anglican Girls School - Depression impacts over 3 million Australians. Our app (Blue Buddy) provides family members of depression sufferers with the necessary support to allow them provide care while maintaining their own mental health. Our app is unique in its focus on those who care for and live with someone suffering from this debilitating mental illness.

  • JJIA, Earnshaw State College - Our app, Time out, is a stress-relieving app that mainly focuses on the ages of 13-25. It includes a variety of elements that will help you calm down, relax and allow the stress and anxiety to leave you. Overall, Time Out is an app that can help millions of students who are constantly affected with stress and anxiety.

QUeensland Secondary State Regional Winner

Indigenous, Townsville State High School - Our app encourages people to get involved in other cultures, particularly our Indigenous cultures. This app will enable people to read traditional dreamtime stories, learn more about Indigenous cultures and their fight for land rights. Later through further development of our app we will incorporate a further game aspect where quizzes can be completed to gain Indigenous 'artefacts' that can decorate the users Indigenous garden. With future development this app would also enable the user to scan QR codes located on the Castle Hill Goat Track. When these codes are scanned they will show information about the Indigenous history relating to that item and location.

Australian state winners - primary

Victorian Primary State Winners

Super techies, Shelford Girls Grammar school - The My Active Buddies app will help motivate kids to enjoy active, healthy play in amazing local parks. The app is currently designed to connect 8-12 year old kids in the Glen Eira area with their community in a way that’s friendly - and fun!. The app promotes a park meet-up on the 1st Saturday of each month and shows how many kids plan to come, with a handy link to the City of Glen Eira website for the location of each park. The event details can also be easily shared with friends. 

South Australian Primary State Winners

FLOW, St Peters Girls School - Our app’s mission is to improve the lives of kids with a disability, mental or learning difficulties through social connection and inclusion by providing a unique crowdsourced information resource. The idea of the app is to provide a way for kids to connect with each other and provide support through an anonymous moderated “posting system”, which allows them to ask and answer questions about the unique problems they face everyday. We will seek sponsorship from government and community to fund the development, monitoring and marketing of the app as well as providing opportunities to access professional care where required. 

Western Australian Primary State Winners

Super4, All Saints College - Our app provides Western Australian people with free education about recycling. It can help people to understand that if you do one thing it can lead to another helpful thing for our whole planet. It's a family game and you can play against family members and check your points to see if you are a good recycler. The player earns points to encourage them to recycle or re-use in real life then it becomes a habit. It also encourages them to have a worm farm, keep chickens, find a recycling place, and use a re-usable coffee cup.

New South Wales Joint Primary State Winners

  • Perl Squad, Danebank Anglican School for Girls Hurstville & St Patrick's Primary School Kogarah - Giving Goodness is an online charity application where people donate items they don’t require using a easy to use form. When you do submit a donation, the app will prompt you with a reminder email. Giving Goodness will partner with local charities, shelters and social workers who will use our app to see a list of donations ready for pick up. We want to help support the most vulnerable people within our community. The purpose of giving goodness is to reduce the time spent donating to various charities, whilst improving the lives of others who need our assistance to live.

  • E.M.I team, Northbridge Public School & Saint Andrews Cathedral School - Top Dog is an app aimed at new and old dog owners, it contains general information like the average food and exercise intake according to size. It contains in-app purchases from a crafty website called Redbubble which contains merchandise. Also with a quiz that identifies whether you are ready for a dog with information to get you started. We also include a map that allows you to find nearby dog-friendly locations, you can also talk to our friendly chatbot, Top Dog, which informs you how to report abuse. So whether you are new or old, Top Dog is for you.

  • Superstar coders, Santa Sabina College - Share2Care is a mobile app that connects businesses and individuals to charities. Share2Care aims to reduce the number of food going to landfill, using this app. Consequently, charities can collect surplus products for distribution amongst the less fortunate community. When logged in, businesses, supermarkets and individuals are able to submit a post with their name, product, quantity, contact, and location. This data is then published on the map and search page, which charities can view and collect the items to give to the needy. Share2Care is a unique application focusing on donating discarded food (in good condition) to the poor.

Queensland Joint primary State Winners

  • Medireward, Goodna State School - Medireward is an app to help children remember to take their medicine. For children who do not like to take medicine, the app gives them tokens so they are motivated to take it. The idea is to support parents in remembering to give the medicine to their child and to reduce the amount of tantrums when giving medicine by allowing them to reward their child.

  • P-Cubed, Good News Lutheran School, Brisbane - P-Cubed’s free multi-platform app, Plastic Pollution Preventers, will help young Queenslanders consider how much plastic they use in their daily lives and its environmental impacts. The app allows users to record the quantity of plastic used and make better choices when purchasing products and choosing recyclable and reusable plastic bags. By doing this we hope to reduce the 8 million tonnes of plastic that flows into the world’s waterways, oceans and landfill each year.

  • Sporty6, Mansfield State School - The problems we are solving are related to Education and Health. Our app helps kids to actively travel to school and learn how to travel to school safety and independently. The app combines fitness, games and education towards walking to school safely.