2019 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Awards


Youth Connect - Santa Sabina College, Strathfield NSW

Youth Connect is a job searching app. This app is intended to provide young people with work experience. It allows the users to find internships, apprenticeships, part-time and voluntary work. Unlike many other job searching apps, Youth Connect will be exclusive to people of ages 15-25. This will be beneficial for younger people, as they usually have to compete with experienced workers to get part-time work. As well as offering jobs, Youth Connect will offer templates for resumes that will help educate users about creating professional resumes. We aim to allow businesses looking for younger employees to post their jobs on the app.

BAM Clubs - Dungog High School, Dungog NSW

BAM Clubs is an app created to help people in rural areas join clubs/after school activities. It allows you to join clubs that you are interested in such as; cooking, sports, gaming, reading clubs etc. and meet up with others that like the same things as you. This app is for everyone and anyone looking to find other people with similar interests. Our app provides a browse option for you to find clubs you may be interested in, group chat feature for you to chat with the people you are in a club with and many more features.


Let the Water Flow - Gol Gol Public School, Gol Gol NSW

This is a free educational and informative app designed to increase students (9+ years) awareness of the environmental and social impacts that follow from the mismanagement of Darling water flows. Water diversions and negligence have resulted in the Darling River becoming unhealthy with numerous algal blooms, fish kills and the river drying out into disconnected, sometimes toxic pools. The disrupted flow of the river not only affects its large vital ecosystems but also our dryland farmers and families, indigenous populations, tourist industries, fishermen and the like. We plan to keep these water management issues at the forefront of everyone’s minds and encourage them to stand up and fight for our future along these mighty river systems.

Mentor Match - Santa Sabina College, Strathfield NSW

The MentorMatch app targets students from Yr 5 - Yr 9 and allows them to connect with others within their school that have the same interests or can help them with assignments, subject study and developing skills in areas of interest. The app will be used internally within the school and would be connected to the school website and network for security considerations. The app allows the students to form a mentor relationship and there are selections included so that they can be matched with the right person.

AMET - Macarthur Anglican School, Cobbitty NSW

AMET aims to help customers see which companies are the most environmentally aware. People want to support eco-friendly companies, but they don't know which ones look after the environment. Amet aims to help solve this by rating companies based on how environmentally friendly they are. E.g. how much palm oil they use, and how much plastic they produce. Amet will display the companies’ ‘green ratings’ out of five stars, and give each company an information page which will talk about the given rating, and how they’re working to benefit the environment.


Rent and Reduce - St Mary’s Primary, North Sydney NSW

We all have an unnecessary amount of “things”, and unfortunately, these things are ending up in landfill. We are producing an overwhelming amount of pollution and our CO2 emissions need to reduce dramatically, in order to stop the devastating effects that carbon dioxide has on our planet. The idea of this app is to reduce our carbon footprint and cut down on the number of items that people need in their homes, by sharing things that we don’t use very often. This app will also bring back a sense of community and help us produce less waste. Things like ladders, lawnmowers, tables & chairs will all be included.

Green Kiwis - St Francis Xavier Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand

Green Kiwis focuses on the issue of rubbish, in New Zealand. Green Kiwis provides links to all of the councils in New Zealand so that you can find out whether or not the item you intend to dispose of can be recycled. The app will also provide you with eco-friendly alternatives that hopefully make people think about changing some of their habits.

Tree Hugger - Santa Sabina College, Strathfield NSW

TreeHugger is an app dedicated to the restoration of the Australian bush. So much of Australia’s bushland has been destroyed, taking our native plants, trees and animals along with it. With TreeHugger you can sponsor a tree’s growth or regrowth in the bush, providing the tree with fertiliser, water, and other supplies they need to regrow. You can also sponsor a tree to be planted in areas where there aren’t enough plants. Even if you don’t want to donate, you can raise awareness about the cause and learn about Australia’s bushland and the unique and exciting creatures inhabiting it.

Ethical Shop Hopper - Cannon Hill Anglican College, Cannon Hill QLD

Our app provides awareness about where our food comes from and the impact it has on people and the environment. It is a scanner designed for phones and aimed at busy people who do not want to research products before going shopping. Another target audience is children who encourage their parents to be more ethical due to a point collect and scoring system which ranks them against their friends, and mini-games that are collected every time you scan 20 products. To use the app people scan the barcode of the product they intend to buy. The app then uses the barcode to find information on the product and gives it a rating out of five in total, on labour (age of workers, worker pay, working conditions referring to safety), environmental impact/cost, and will to improve their environmental and worker practices. The important information and rating is then displayed along with alternate products if the rating is 3 or below.


Empowered Travel - Brigidine College, Indooroopilly QLD

The purpose of this app is to empower women who may feel under threat in an unfamiliar setting, enabling them to locate other like-minded women travellers in that location and travel together. Through the use of ‘Empowered Travel’, women can create life-long friendships and memories, while staying safe and feeling comfortable and supported in a foreign environment.

Lavender - Stuartholme College, Toowong QLD

Lavender aims to encourage and promote safety for women while walking. Lavender has devised a suitable solution for women who walk alone during the day or night, where they can choose to walk with other women in the area while supporting a particular charity.

Mind Reset - Macarthur Anglican School, Cobbitty NSW

Mind Reset is designed to encourage users on how to modify and change their behaviours when using a smartphone, in order to minimise or offset the impact of radiation. We also wish to educate smartphone users on how radiation can impact their health and future, in particular, the brain. We have 2 main functions of our app that help provoke and highlight behaviour changes. Our platform achieves this through a fun and interactive app that still assesses the user's behaviour patterns. Our target audience is children and youth as a result of scientific experiments that show that they are more prone to radiation impacts. The unique value that our app provides is that it is focused on radiation, unlike most similar behaviours that help improve productivity or are targeted at generic habit change.

BullyOnYou! - Ormeau State School, Ormeau QLD

BullyOnYou! An app created for young people by young people. Bullying is a serious issue that can have really bad effects on your mental health. It is a problem that occurs in school, in the community, and online. The BullyOnYou! app is a gamified story-based app for students (Years 5-8) and is ideally facilitated by teachers to start conversations in class with students. Too often we are simply told what to do and not what to do at school; this app educates through starting conversations that reveal feelings, emotions and leads to understanding each other.

SleepBlasters - Loreto Kirribilli, Sydney NSW

SleepBlasters has been designed to assist children (6-14) with their sleep patterns. Things that affect your sleep may include not enough sleep, nightmares, anxiety, stress. SleepBlasters allows you to listen to music and it will give you notifications about when you should go to bed and much more. SleepBlasters will allow you to learn more about healthy sleep patterns.


MoodDiary - Fort Street High School, Petersham NSW

MoodDiary is a wellbeing app designed to track how you are feeling daily. It will help you to appreciate yourself more and help you to see more of the positive side to things. MoodDiary includes a planner so you can organise yourself, helping to reduce stress and feel better when you get through your workload at a steady pace. This app is aimed for teenagers and young adults because issues such as self-doubt and feeling stressed can occur to those age groups.


FoodShare - Melbourne Girls’ College, VIC

FoodShare provides a resource for the community to help provide food to those living on the street at no extra cost to them. A member of the community notices someone who lives on the street and wants to help but doesn't know how to. The person then opens the FoodShare app to give a general location and description of the person in need of food. Messages from the app are then collected and assessed by a local central body such as Salvos. The central body can then communicate with local registered commercial restaurants and food outlets and local domestic food suppliers and members of the local community who have registered as volunteers to supply the food to the homeless person.

Give A Feed - Citipointe Christian College, Carindale QLD

“Give A Feed” allows people in Brisbane to donate money to assist primary school children who attend school each day without food, in lower socio-economic areas of Brisbane. Research shows that children who don’t receive the proper nutrition struggle to remain focused in school. This leads to children not getting the most out of their lessons. Without proper food, kids don’t get the best out of their education and aren’t equipped to break the poverty cycle in their families. The money donated via “Give A Feed” will be used to prepare breakfast and lunch for the children who are registered with us.