In this activity, you will...

  • learn 5 tips for creating a good video

Tip 1 Use the rule of thirds

Like a rule of thumb which applies to composing visual images still and moving.

Tip 2:  Make sure you have good lighting

Often videos are too dark to see all team members so be sure to choose a bright location with plenty of natural light.

Tip 3: Have good audio

Often poor audio lets videos down. Use a microphone and reduce distortion

Tip 4: Use a tripod

Tip 5: Know your message

  • What makes you, and your business, truly unique? What is your specific expertise, proprietary process or approach? What is the reason you got into business in the first place? What do you plan to accomplish? How are you different from everyone else in your competitive space?
  • Who is your real primary ideal target audience? This is where you get very specific and identify the absolute best person you can help. What is her specific challenge? What keeps her up at night? What does she need? What does she want? Why does she need what you have to offer?
  • How well do you know your prospect? Do you speak in her voice? Her ideal language? What are the words and phrases that perk up her ears and get her to listen to you? How does she describe her challenge? Don't put words into her mouth, or assume she has a problem she doesn't think she has. Use her words and phrases to create your compelling argument.
  • How much of your own voice are you using? Are you provocative? Does your message reflect your personality? Be you. In a way that clearly positions you at the solution to her challenge.