Regional Ambassadors - Rockhampton


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Bob Bartley - Taranganba State School

Why do you want to be an ambassador?

I believe in skilling students up in entrepreneurial skills, being adaptable, sustainable and authentic to human endeavour and empathy. Entrepreneurs for everyone’s benefit.

Ku Lacey - Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

Why do you want to be an ambassador?

I teach a STEM subject, Agricultural Science, and love learning about new approaches to STEM. Being in an all-girls school, we champion the positive impact that women can have in this area.

Breeha Sinnamon - Rockhampton State High

Why do you want to be an ambassador?

I have recently been appointed the head of our STEM EXCEL program and would love to develop more skills and knowledge to share with our staff and students.




Emily Ellis - Emmaus College Rockhampton

Why do you want to be an ambassador?

I am an excellent problem solver and I enjoy math, technology and money! I do well in school but love trying different things. I am really passionate about animals, the environment and sustainability and have travelled a lot in my life (last year my family travelled Australia in a caravan!) I already earn money each week from my own “business” and would like to learn how I can do more in the future!


Olivia Jorgensen - Emmaus College

Why do you want to be an ambassador?

I've always had an interest in Programming, and technology. Being able to extend my knowledge of computer programming I feel will help me to construct a clear idea for my career pathway in technology. Being motivated and efficient are two of the attributes I have towards any task I complete whether it is at work, or simply programming one on one with my teachers. My career aspirations: Ever since I was a young girl I wanted to pursue a teaching career, being able to help people with things I'm interested in is a massive thing to me. As I started high school, I became more interested in the Health Sciences and Sports Sciences. Having teacher sit me down and express their opinions on me going in a web designing, programming pathway, I have become more curious to what my options may be. IT experience: Since I could first remember I have always wondered how the technology around my house works. Year 5 I got my first ever Ipad and memorised every setting and detail Apple featured. Then as I got older and newer updates came, I learned every detail there was to change settings. I had family members and friends often come to me with issues of their devices and I could change it in an instant. Year Eight I studies Technology Education for a year, Year Nine studied Software Applications for a semester and then Programming for the second semester, Year Ten I currently study Programming, where we are learning to code websites, games and quizzes. What I can bring to the program: I have high energy and positive vibes, I am always enthusiastic to give everything I have to offer. No situation I feel is ever too hard to concur. I am never afraid to ask questions and am eager to learn new skills I can carry with me forever. I have teachers comment on my excellent attention to detail and my diligence to work around tough situations. If I am going in the wrong direction I do not get upset with people telling me I am wrong.