Australian United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Awards

The Lakers, Lake Clarendon State School (Qld)

Matches consumers with farms and creates relationships. Helps you find road side produce stalls using google maps it also shows you the prices that farmers have given us to put on our app. It will also show you what they sell and a quote that they have also given us. It will provide you with information about where they are whether it has seasonal produce or not. Our app is designed for adults in the Lockyer valley who sometimes think that the shops prices are a bit too much for them. It provides less handled fruit and vegetables.

SSC Schoo-ber, Santa Sabina College

Schoo-ber is a school-based carpooling/ride-sharing app that is safe and easy to use. The number of cars on the roads are major contributors to our environmental problems. Most primary school children are driven to school by their parents, and mainly in a car with many empty seats. Our app gives parents from the Santa Sabina community the opportunity to get on board and help the environment, as well as our traffic problems.



Green Lantern Corps, Cannon Hill Anglican College (Qld)

Our app is an interactive app that is aimed at 8-14-year-olds living in Australia. Our aim is to inform children about how to dispose of items in a fun and interactive way. It enables the user to choose which bin to put a variety of different objects in. The app then provides a short, entertaining story about what happens to the item. The app also gives the user interesting websites to visit, ways to reuse items and what happens to items after you put them in a bin. 

Cryptography Girls, Cannon Hill Anglican College (Qld)

This app provides education and safety. It helps educate children and adults on the importance of train safety and track safety, in a fun and informative format. This app is aimed at 8-12 year olds, who may be travelling on trains alone or with elder siblings. Young children usually are not educated on train safety, since their normal schools do not cover that topic, putting them at a very high risk of train accidents; compared with adults. The unique value that this app provides is an education on safety, which would normally be boring, but here is exciting and you want to continue and learn more, because you do not realise you are learning. 

Super 5’s, Mansfield State School (Qld)

The topic of our app is writing. We think that our app helps children by developing the skills and abilities of our young authors. There is a workshop for writing your own stories and also an editing space! Other people using this app such as peers can help give you feedback and suggest to improve while being positive. Writing prompts are included to extend beyond your imagination when you begin to write. This app also connects you to the community of writing, check out the library section to read stories written by other mini authors. Also, follow and become friends with others to be one of the first to see their latest posts. 

Techie Tacos, All Saints College

We think education is the most important UN global goals and learning to read and write is part of this. Our app is designed for Year 1 and 2 students who struggle with their reading skills. Reading and spelling are connected, and this app helps with learning word families. The player reads a sound that is written on a basket at the bottom of the screen, Example OAT. You pick the apple that makes a word, Example G (G+OAT). If the incorrect answer is chosen, then a worm appears in the apple and encourages the player to keep trying. 

Petfinder, St Mary's Catholic Primary School (NSW)

Research has proven most missing pets are located close to their home. Our Petfinder app, helps pet owners locate missing pets by allowing them to create their pet’s profile with photo, name and breed. When a pet goes missing it activates pet owners and neighbourhoods to report and locate missing pets. When a neighbour locates a pet via the app, it will be taken to the vet to contact the pet’s owner and to check for injuries. The app will appeal to pet owners, council rangers, veterinary clinics and everyone in our community!

Cool Girls, All Saints College 

Our product is an app to teach everyone how to become aware of treating animals properly. We are very committed to help animals live in the best environment they can, so this app teaches kids how important animals are in our world. Some features in this app are Games and Fun facts. One of our games is called Animal Dressing room where you must dress the animal fit for its environment. We want to make a difference in our environment and we hope our app will intrigue young people to learn about them too. 


Galaxy Girls, Good Shepherd Lutheran College (Qld)

Our R³ app teaches students how to recycle in a fun and innovative way. It has been designed to encourage the younger generation to be enthusiastic about practicing the three R’s. Aimed specifically at students from Prep to Year Five, it will generate excitement about recycling through a competition while also being informative. Our app will be the hub for the competition where students can clock up points, compare their scores to that of their classmates and eventually other schools. It has information about what can and cannot be recycled and ideas for reducing household waste and creatively re-using items in new and innovative ways. Our app is unique in the way that it uses a competition to inspire students to recycle. After researching the app market, we have found that our app is original and very different to other apps of the same category. 

Code Monkeys, Clairvaux MacKillop College (Secondary) and St Bernards Catholic Primary School (Qld)

LitTerly is an app designed to encourage people to pick up litter in a fun and rewarding way. It allows users to photograph litter they have collected, classify that litter by amount collected, and then share that photo on the app. Users earn points based on the amount of litter they collect (bonus points for recycling). They move up different levels as their points increase. High scorers will show on the Litterboard. The app also provides educational facts about the effects of litter in the environment. It also allows users to create their own clean-up events and groups. 

EnviroLife, Mountain Creek State School (Qld)

Envirolife is an environmental app that targets children from the age of six and over. it teaches kids about plants and how to use them in every day cooking. The app looks towards teaching children about the environment in a fun and easy way. It features six different herbs that have identifiable photos for you to work out which herb it is. Each herb has a recipe in the food section, that will help kids get involved in cooking. All meals are healthy, delicious, and will have your children cooking for the whole family in no time!  

RemFriends, St Peters Girls School (SA)

We are Rem Friends. The app we have created is Remmunity. Remmunity primarily aims to address and solve a vital problem within Australia’s growing society. We aim to solve the problem of the increasing amount of landfill and the impact it has on the environment. To do this, we have created an app where people in the users community can trade usable unwanted items that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Our App is free to public use and allows people to trade, give and remove re-usable unwanted items through the recycling process.

Eco team, Citipointe Christian College (Qld)

Have you ever seen rubbish lying around your school yard, your local park, a forest while you’re exploring the great outdoors, or seen plastic bottles floating past you in the ocean? This should not be happening! This is harming your environment., , Did you know that 5.2 trillion plastic bags are in our oceans! 700 of our precious marine species are in danger of becoming extinct because of human carelessness. Over 1 million birds are killed ruthlessly each year because of litter., As young people growing up in Australia, we are concerned about the amount of rubbish carelessly discarded in our environment. We are concerned that the next generation will never be able to learn about marine life. If this continues, the ecosystem will collapse, all because we are choosing to ignore the damage we are inflicting upon the Earth., Well, we have a solution! PROTECHT is a fun, interactive educational quiz app that teaches and informs primary students about the impact of their rubbish on the environment. It is important to be aware of our Earth because we only have one, and this is the app to test your knowledge. 

WESS waterwise, West End State School  (Qld)

Our app is called Water Wise. In the app there are two games and a store there is also an info page. When you open the app the first page is the log in page but you can also sign up. The sign-up button is located at the top. There is triangle located in a small box that will change you to sign-up screen when you press it. On the info page it tells you about us. In the store you purchase hats and faces for your avatar. You can also donate to water wise to help us to help the government to save water. 


SSC Five, Santa Sabina College (NSW)

“A Helping Hand” is a social networking system for volunteers and elderly people to contact each other. After signing up and completing a simple online survey about their qualifications and/or special needs, it gives the volunteers the opportunity to provide assistance or company for the elderly. Our target market is mainly centered towards elderly people and their families who would like some help for themselves or for their older relatives. A Helping Hand is a completely free app, unlike other competitor apps in this topic area, this makes it completely affordable for everyone, and it really sets it apart. 

STEM@Collegiate, St Michael's Collegiate School (Tas)

Here at Collegiate, we are creating an app to further the STEM education provided to the girls at our school, leading to more young ladies graduating as successful engineers. This app will (hopefully) gather the funds required to build our new STEM building, allowing us to further our schooling in the area of STEM. We use Augmented Reality to show them what the 2D plans will look like in real life as well as show them what is possible for girls to create in STEM. This will hopefully encourage more girls to join in STEM. 

SisTTERS, Good News Lutheran School QLD)

The “It’s in the Bag” app helps people donate to an annual charity drive run by Share the Dignity. The charity helps homeless women by providing essential items such as toiletries and hygiene products. The women who receive the bags feel appreciated and respected. There are about 4000 women in Brisbane who need help this very moment. Using the checklist in our app, people can easily see what items they have already collected or might need to collect to support the charity. Once a bag is filled, the app will tell the user where the local collection points are located.

Brigidine College Ninjas, Brigidine College (Qld)

The product that the Brigidine Code Ninjas are developing is an app which acts as an animal health care program, attacking the problem of poorly treated pets due to lack of knowledge from first time pet owners. The app will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to suit the needs of anyone with domestic animals. The app's functionality will contain information about your chosen animal including nutrition, required equipment, possible dangers, choosing the right animal for the user's lifestyle and much more. The software will also contain a tracker to remind owners of when appointments are, along with links to veterinary clinics to book appointments. The app will also contain many fun features, such as a media page targeted towards people's pets and children (whom usually take their parents phones and play) and fun/lovable characters that will play an important role in marketing. 

Food Pyramid, CItipointe Christian College (Qld)

Food Smart is an interactive research app that enables the user to choose and decide which foods are healthy options and good for their bodies. Food Smart teaches you to live healthily. You will learn to make smart decisions concerning your food choices which will help you to feel good. Sometimes you think you are making sensible choices but food or drink is actually full of sugar. Food Smart is aimed at 7 – 12 year olds as they are at a good age to form life long habits.

Conquerit! Mount Gravatt East State School (Qld)

Conquer it is an app that helps people whom experience anxiety as well as lack of organization skills. It provides uses with a wide range of optional strategies such as meditation, yoga and fitness which you can choses your level of difficulty as you go and pay for the full extreme version. Another advantage of "conquer" it is that it includes your very own mood track management system diary. Our app also contains a scan of your student ID and go-card. A great benefit is it is free from the app store and requires no wi-fi or internet. 

DM Innovators, Santa Sabina College Strathfield (NSW)

Our Minds and bodies are intertwined, the quality of a person’s physical and mental health is what we call wellbeing. A strong and healthy body is a combination of a positive attitude to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. We created an app called BeeWell to support and nurture the health and wellbeing of children aged from 10-15. Our app consists of seven challenges that encourage children to be more physically active, and aware of the nutrition their body needs to function, like consuming fruit and enough water. The challenges are presented in a fun and interactive way, where children complete them with family and friends before posting their efforts onto a social community board. Are you ready to BeeWell?


SafeSpace, Earnshaw State College (Qld)

Safe Space is an app designed to help teenagers deal with issues such as bullying, school stress, anxiety or even depression. The app includes: a chat page for people to share and help with other’s issues, a multiple-choice game that simulates real world issues for teens and a motivational quote page to keep the positivity flowing. Social media is a major aspect of teenage life and Safe Space is like another form of social media, except it is a supportive and positive chat forum that helps teenagers going through struggles. Teenagers are the future leaders of the world and Safe Space aims to support and help them to overcome any social issues that they may face  

Brigo Code Heroes, Brigidine College (Qld)

GoPizza (app) will help women and children feel safe, in a violent domestic situation. The app has multiple features that will give a variety of types of help that you can receive depending on the severity of your violent situation. GoPizza is disguised as a pizza delivery app, that will contact the police. The police will get an alert saying that the caller is coming from the app and will have a script which will guide them to helping the victim. The name GoPizza means that the pizza will GO to get help for you and adding PIZZA to the name helps disguise the app from the perpetrator. GoPizza will be available on all app stores. 

Yummy Pandas, West End State School (Qld)

Our product is an anti-bullying app for children aged 5-17. This is because we wanted a wide variety of ages to expand our users. Our app will be fun and filled with information for the user to cope and get over cyberbullying. Our product will have large font, large buttons, bright colors, pictures, and will be targeted at the age of the child using the app. Why is Our Project important? Cyber bullying is a major issue for children, other young people, some of us have experienced it and bullying is not good for our mental health. Members of the Yummy Pandas team had experience of this sort of bullying. Who is it targeted at? This is an app available on all devices, is targeting children aged 5-17 is going regional. We are going to wait until later in the process to make it different languages. We have segmented our market into four areas, including information for parents. 

Fab Five, Mansfield State School (Qld)

My Kindness Diary promotes harmony between peers in the community by encouraging positive interactions. It gives daily tips on ways to be kind and rewards users with exciting features. This app will be ideal for children and teens who are using technology daily. This app is valuable because it has the power to change lives everyday by teaching kindness. The unique value of the app is that it appeals directly to the children and can be used daily in primary schools as part of a bigger program. 


Poverty Award - Argyros, Ravenswood School for Girls (NSW)

Argyros is an app that helps people who need assistance and those who want to assist them. The main purpose of our app is to supply our target audience with the resources they need to survive. Our Argyros app suggests accommodation venues, job submissions, easy economical recipes, cost-effective shops for affordable good-quality clothing and food and more. The Greek word ‘anargyros’ refers to saints who do not expect payment for their services. Our app name ‘Argyros’ meaning silver has been chosen because we provide the “silver” people need (food, clothing, jobs, accommodation etc.) without asking for payment in return. 

Teen works, Golden Beach State School (Qld)

Are you ready to find your teen dream job but don’t think you have the skills you need? Teen Works is a solution to the problem many teens have when trying to find a job. Our App provides advice on how to be that successful applicant. No more worrying about how to present yourself, what to say and do. Teen Works has it all. Teen Works includes a categorised list of jobs suitable for your age group. This user-friendly App also allows employers to add jobs. So be job ready, build your knowledge and confidence with Teen Work. Teen Works makes your dream work!