Business Plan



The business plan is an important document in any technology development. The business plan outlines all of your ideas,y our research, and it becomes a communication tool for you to share your ideas with others. We have provided you with a structure for a business plan, and you are welcome to add to this, but this is the bear minimum of what you need to provide to us for judging.

The business plan allows you to clearly document what the problem is that you want to solve, to document the research you have done on how others have tried to solve the problem, and document your proposed solution to the problem, and how you plan to execute that solution.

Not only does the business plan outline our problem and proposed solution, it also documents things like projected revenue: e.g. how are you are going to make money from your App. It also includes marketing: how are you going to tell people how awesome your App is. Branding, showing the colour scheme and design for what your App looks like etc.

The business plan is the key part of the program and a really important skill to learn, and we will guide you through developing each part of it. DOWNLOAD THE  TEMPLATE HERE.