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Search for the next tech girl superhero


Work through 4 Modules that make up the 12-Week STEM Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Welcome to the 12 week curriculum.

Below you will find 4 modules which link to 12 weekly lessons (3 per module).

Within each module you will find topics to help you implement each lesson.

Click on the Modules below to get to the curriculum


We've purposely kept the content short. The modules are designed to give you quick access to each topic. There are more topics presented early in the program to get you started, with less later while you are developing your team's app and pitch. Click on the module to see the weekly lessons. Here is an overview of the program. Download here.

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MODULE 1 - click here

29th April - 19th may - week 1-3 of the curriculum

technology for social good: Technovation and STEM entrepreneurship

  • Learn about the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition

  • Get started by identifying a problem in the local community to solve.

  • Meet your mentor and work out a regular meeting time, and topics to discuss.

  • Draft a schedule and plan for the 12 weeks and decide on roles for team members (coding, design, pitch)

MODULE 2 - click here


research matters in tech development: Defining problems and proposing solutions

  • Start your business plan and document your decisions about the problem and how others have attempted to solve the problem.

  • Evaluate your favourite and least favourite apps. What are their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Start learning about App Inventor - you can use an alternative platform but be sure to address the judging rubric

  • Conduct market research to see how your app will fit into the marketplace.

  • Start developing your brand - logo, name, colour scheme etc

MODULE 3 - click here

10TH JUNE - 30th june - WEEK 7-9 OF THE CURRICULUM

lets get creative! working collaboratively to design and implement our app

  • Create your wireframe for your app, and consider navigation and key functions of the app.

  • Keep coding your app.

  • Learn how to design and film a great pitch and demo video.

  • Work on your business plan including revenue models, marketing, distribution.

MODULE 4 - click here

1st July - 21st JULY - WEEK 10-12 OF THE CURRICULUM


  • Prepare and film your demo and pitch video.

  • Finalise your business plan and your prototype. and export your source code for submission.

22nd JuLY - 26th JULY

Flex week to finalise all deliverables and submit for judging.

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Download this image for printing here.

Submission Date: 26th July 2019 5:00 pm AEST
Use this time zone converter to find out the correct timing you need to submit the application by.
The submission platform will be announced closer to submission date.

Judging Rubric

Please read the submission guidelines and judging rubric carefully before starting your project.

  • You must upload ALL DELIVERABLES for your division to be eligible for judging. Submit whatever you have for each deliverable by July 26, 2019, 5:00 pm AEST, even if it isn't perfect. We cannot judge incomplete submissions, so don't leave any deliverable out of your submission.