Team Helping Hands - HappyNess

St Joseph's Como - Oyster Bay, New South Wales - Primary School

100 Words description

Research has shown that Australian kids are the most stressed kids on Earth. A girls’ confidence can quickly disappear when things go wrong. We identified five ways to help girls find ‘HappyNess’:

  1. Music - listen to some uplifiting beats

  2. Meditation - relax and go on a journey

  3. Laughter - pick your fave: puppies, babies or kittens!

  4. Exercise - huffing and puffing does good things to your head

  5. Friendship - reach out, send your friend a message of positivity.

Experiencing these five options might help a girl find HappyNess again. And if there’s still a problem, we’ve linked to Kids’ Helpline.


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