Key Elements of the Program

We match every team of girls registered in the competition with a female mentor working in the Tech industry. It is important for our teams to meet a real life women working in Tech and also start to build professional networks from a young age. Through this process, we expose our teams to real life role models, to possible careers and also to work places to get a better understanding of what it is like to work in STEM.

Problem focussed
The program is about young people solving young people’s problems, so teams identify a problem that is important to them in their local community, and they take ownership in terms of designing and building a solution to that. We encourage our teams to align with the UN development girls and to think about problems that will not necessarily make a global impact but make an important impact to people close to them. An equal balance of creativity and problem solving and technology expertise is encouraged.

Technology for social good
Teams focus on a problem that has social implications. Research suggests that girls like the application of technology in other areas and not just tech for tech sake. So by focusing the program around the community, we encourage girls to make a real difference.

Online environment
The program is designed to be run entirely online. When teams meet their mentor they can arrange if there is a possibility to meet face to face directly.


We geographically co-locate mentors and teams as much as we possibly can by postcode. We then leave the weekly/fortnightly meeting schedule up to teams to work out with their mentors.

Be part of a global community
Working in technology and particularly being a women working in technology can be isolating so we emphasise team work and collaboration, connections and networking and that those who participate in the program are part of a wider community. Even though many young women may not have ever met a women working in tech, we try to break down those outdated stereotypes and present many real life examples of women who do work in tech to support our teams and to show their passion for STEM.
Once teams finish our program they have the opportunity to register for the global Technovation challenge and submit their app for a chance to win a free trip to San Francisco each year.