The Pitch

Pitch Video Requirements

  • All members of the team must speak
  • Video can be 3-5 minutes long 
  • The video can be any format the team wants
  • Possible formats include: Skits, Slide Presentations, Testimonials from users
  • The video must be uploaded to youtube or vimeo, and the link must be shared through the submission platform

Tips for making a great video pitch:

  • Make sure everyone is loud and clear. Good audio is critical to understanding your pitch. Make sure there is minimum noise.
  • Have a strong opening or “hook”
  • Speak clearly and confidently.
  • Use open body language, large gestures (more tips on body language).
  • Show us the problem (and your solution). Don’t just tell.
  • Make eye contact with the camera.
  • Use a script if possible. Instead of using "um" and other filler words, try pausing or taking a breath instead.
  • Please don’t chew gum or candy when speaking.
  • Dress for success. Make sure your outfits are appropriate.
  • SMILE! Be proud of your work.

Video & Editing Tips:

Sound Quality

  • Be sure to select a quiet space to record your video. This is very important as it affects the quality of the entire video.
  • If you can, use a separate audio recorder, as it will probably be better than the camera’s built-in audio (If your phone has an audio-recorder, try it out!)


  • Use multiple sources of light ( table lamps, natural light from a window, overhead lights etc.)
  • Remember to turn all the lights on if your surroundings are dark

Give yourself enough time to fully test your video set-up -- film a practice pitch, or a test shot or two. Try to give yourself enough time to practice film editing as well. 

Activity: Drafting the Pitch:

Your Hook (quote, statistic, photo, skit, question, etc):







Remember that all team members must speak in the pitch. Assign team members to the different parts of the presentation: