Secondary School Submission Guidelines

Once all deliverables are finalized, they will be submitted on a submission platform. (Website to be announced at a later date)

Note: Deliverables are different for Primary and High School. Make sure you follow the correct set of guidelines for your division.

By submitting, you agree to the Submission Integrity Clause:

This submission and all deliverables included were created solely by the students on this team.



  • Team Photo or other photo that represents your team (with mentor and teacher included, if possible).

  • Completion of post-program survey. (Each team member should complete this. Separate links to come at end of competition.)


Technical (20 points)

  • Share your app source code.
    • App Inventor, Java, Objective-C, Swift, C#, JavaScript, or any other programming language files are accepted.
    • If developed in App Inventor, here are instructions on how to export an .aia file (not .apk).
    • Share your code by:
  • 100-word app description
  • 2-5 screenshots of your app to help judges understand how it works.
  • Complete the Technical Checklist.
    • Include a sentence or screenshot to explain each item
    • Upload a picture of your paper prototype and one event flow chart discussed in Coding Unit 5
  • Demo Video (2 minutes or less)
    • Clearly demonstrate the functionality of your app
    • Highlight the unique features of your app
    • Focus on the user interface
    • The video must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, and the link must be shared through the Technovation Challenge APAC submission platform.


Ideation (15 points)

  • Clearly demonstrate how your app idea aligns with at least one of the 6 Technovation themes of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (peace, equality, poverty, environment, education, or health)
  • Explain and provide evidence through facts and statistics of the problem you are addressing.
  • Make sure your app effectively addresses the problem you outlined.


Pitch (20 points)

  • Pitch video (4 minutes or less)
    • All members of the team must speak.
    • The video can be any format the team wants. Possible formats include: Skits, Slide Presentations, and Testimonials from users.
    • The video must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, and the link must be shared through the Technovation submission platform.
  • Pitch presentation deck
  • Submit as a PDF document. Here are some tips for how to export different presentation types into PDF:


Google Slides





Entrepreneurship (20 points)

This portion must be submitted in PDF format, with the following components. Please reference this checklist for further instructions.

  •  Title page (1 page)
    • Team name (or business name)
    • Team members name, school’s name, state, coach’s name, email contact information
    • Product (mobile app) name
    • Logo
  • Table of contents (1 page)
  • Executive summary
  • Company description
  • Products and/or service description
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Plan (Strategy & Implementations)
  • Financial Plan & Projections


Overall Impression Category (25 points)

  • Make sure your business plan is feasible and that your business could succeed
  • Make each component of the team submission well thought out and put together cohesively.
  • Address the problem you are solving in an original way
  • Find ways to make your app solution stand out from the other teams