The skills matrix is a grid or table that clearly and visibly illustrates the skills and competence held by individuals within a team. It is a useful tool to understand people in the team and their skills. Rows represent each of our team members. Columns represent each of the skills required in the team to complete the program.

We have listed skills including: 

  • Technical skills in App inventor,
  • Expertise in user interface design
  • Experience with colour design, branding and marketing
  • Skills in video production for pitching and demos
  • Project management skills etc

Put an number in the box in the table next to the people that have those skills. What we are trying to do is identify the skills we have in the team, but also identify the skills we don’t have so we know what we need to outsource or find more help for.

The Skills Matrix is an excellent tool to get a good picture of what our strengths are as a team and where we may need help.

Download a template here.