HAVE YOU COMPLETED THE PRE-SURVEY? STUDENTS / COACHES / MENTORS - help us evaluate the program & learn about your progress

Learn about the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition and see how we have mapped it to the Digital Technologies Curriculum in Australia

Read about the key elements of the program

Get a visual outline of the 12 week program courtesy of Dr Sue Pillans who has drawn it for us!

There are some tips for coaches and mentors here.

Get started by identifying a problem in the local community to solve through brainstorming.

Meet your mentor and work out a regular meeting time, and topics to discuss and understand participant roles

Get to know your team through the skills matrix and the SWOT analysis.

Draft a schedule and plan for the 12 weeks and decide on roles for team members (coding, design, pitch)  and align it with the 2017 competition schedule.

Understand your community and gather evidence about issues through research , and clearly define the problem your team will go on to solve

Align your problem with 2017 Technovation themes of Poverty / Environment / Peace /Gender Equality / Health / Education - UN Sustainable Development Goals

Brainstorm potential solutions that will address your community’s needs. Start your business plan using our template here.

Learn more about programming (coding) and languages

Get an introduction to coding and AppInventor via MIT

Set up team communications: gmail, calendarhangouts, drive/docs, slack.

Understand the curriculum and the judging rubric.